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Upright Bike GX4.4 Pro

Experience a smooth ride as you build your strength and lose weight from the comfort of your home. For a more comfortable workout, adjust the seat both vertically and horizontally to create the perfect bike for any user.

878 Commercial Upright Bike

878 is a luxuirous high end / light commercial upright bike. Electronic programs, ultra smooth movement, with easy seat adjustments, wide & comfortable seat, strong & sturdy frame, make 878 a very attractive model for home & light commercial usage

591 Upright Bike

A very stylish & sturdy bike, with wide & very comfortable cushioned pedals to give safe & smooth workout. This model is a favourite among high end home users or full commercial users.

927 Commercial Upright Bike

The 927 Upright bike is suitable both for home or full commercial use. A very stylish & robust cycle having a huge variety of programs, a comfortable & oversized seat, smooth & silent performance